About the event

"Disability and Depression" raises serious questions about the ontological status of depression as a disease. The very questionable reliance on the theory of chemical imbalance, as well as the problematic nature of scoring depression, and the deep uncertainty about controlled studies of SSRIs as cures for the illness—all make it difficult to understand the medical status of depression. When the issue of disability is then raised, can we consider depression a disability? And if so, must we change our ideas about what constitutes a disability? Join controversial scholar Lennard Davis (English, Disability and Medical Education, University of Illinois, Chicago) for a discussion of these and other timely questions surrounding the “darkness visible.”

This event is a public program connected to “NeuroCultures.” For further information on this and other Seminars in the Humanities, see http://centerforthehumanities.org/seminars.

Co-sponsored by the NeuroCultures Seminar and Center for the Study of Women and Society