About the event

This panel will place in conversation an array of researchers, artists, poets, coders, and curators from the New York City area to discuss the intersection of the poetic and the digital in contemporary creative practice and scholarship. We will discuss digital approaches to poetic composition, poetic approaches to digital work, archival considerations for electronic poetry, the poetics of computer code, and beyond.


Dennis Tenen (Columbia University)
Karla Nielsen (Columbia Rare Book & Manuscript Library)
Taeyoon Choi (School for Poetic Computation)
Kendra Sullivan (Center for the Humanities, The Graduate Center)
Iris Cushing (Argos Books, The Graduate Center)
Moderated by Mary Catherine Kinniburgh (GC Digital Initiatives, The Graduate Center)

Co-sponsored by the Ph.D. Program in English, and CUNY DHI and GC Digital Initiatives.