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The community college is at the center of contemporary American public discourse. One of the reasons why the community college is in the public consciousness is that it is attracting many immigrants, including undocumented youth seeking a way to participate openly in American society. At the same time, others participating in public discussions about the community college focus on students’ lack of skills, need for remedial education, vocational training, failures, and other roles, rendering a somewhat confused, if not ambivalent mission for one of the potentially most inclusive organizations of the 21st century. “Narrating America in the Community College” is a public storytelling network that focuses on the meaning of the college from the perspectives of students in conversation with broader public discourse at the colleges, across the colleges, and in the broader public.

Activities of the Public Storytelling Network are interactive cycles of research, practice, and policy development with collaborative teams of students, faculty, administrators, and public officials in face-to-face and digital forums. The goal of these activities is to develop a civic narrative of the community college mission by including these diverse collaborating stakeholders often left out of marketing and research narratives.

Public Storytelling Network:

Colette Daiute, Professor of Psychology/Human Development & Education, The Graduate Center, City University of New York

[email protected]

Jessica Murray, M.A., Digital Fellow Center for the Humanities

Phil Kreniske, M.A., M.Phil, The Graduate Center and Hunter College

Campus Community Organizers:
Bronx Community College: Svetlana Jovic
Borough of Manhattan Community College: David Caicedo
Guttman Community College: Tara Bahl
Hostos Community College: Heidi Boringer
Kingsborough Community College: Rachel Ihara
Laguardia Community College: Jesse Schwartz
Queensborough Community College: Kiki Bayas

Background research:

Daiute & Kreniske-Narrating for Inclusive Education


October 23, 2016:
Narrating America in the Contemporary Community College Forum

January 22, 2016:
Presentation of the Narrating America in the Contemporary Community College Game at the CUNY Games Festival

Colette Daiute & Jessica Murray

February 16, 2016:
Public Storytelling Network Meeting

May 2016:
Public Storytelling Network Meeting with Public Stakeholders

October 2016:
Interactive Digital Narrating the Community College