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Dancer and choreographer Hadar Ahuvia and artist Tali Keren in conversation with film scholar Shirly Bahar.

Please join for the final event of the Un-Charting project. Dancer and Choreographer Hadar Ahuvia and artist Tali Keren will be in conversation with film scholar Shirly Bahar. Ahuvia will share an excerpt of her performance Everything you have is yours?, which charts the construction and dissemination of Israeli identity by Ashekanzi folk dance choreographers. In order to choreograph an indigenous identity, Zionist choreographers looked to Palestinian and Yemenite dancers in particular for “authenticating” movement. These borrowed movements made them popular also among Christian Zionists, enabling the dancers to try on an indigenous and “biblical” identity. Keren's Un-Charting simulator film investigates the shared settler-colonial imaginaries connecting Zionism and American exceptionalism. By focusing on the instrumentalization of dance and music, Keren's project looks at the ways destructive myths lead to and are an inherent part of state-sanctioned violence and ongoing attempts at Palestinian erasure. Keren, Ahuvia, and Bahar will invite attendees for a conversation about practicing solidarity, and our cultural and political visions for a world to come where Palestinians are free and where interconnectedness and collective liberation are possible.