About the event

What possibilities occur in the space and time of the caesura? The so-called “tram lines” or “railroad tracks” of poetic and musical pause allow for reflection and at the same time for something from outside the proscribed format to enter and in fact move the piece along.

In February pausing from the usual exhibition routine, the James Gallery will invite artists and scholars to come into public conversation in the gallery to reflect on a research question or methodology that is of mutual concern. This is done with the understanding that artists and scholars share a unique process of research and reflection that is ultimately creative. During the month, there will be four series: three evening keynote lectures, artist-scholar dialogues, methodologies workshops and research presentations, and a film series. All of these events will be videotaped and then screened in the gallery between the live activities. To provide a contextual setting for the project, a quote about caesurae will be placed in large vinyl lettering on the east wall. Also an element that has been left in the space from a past project will be repurposed to allude to the pauses during historical transitions that have occurred architecturally in the fifty-year history of the Graduate Center. A calendar of events for the month will be available online and in the gallery.