About the event

How is political agency enunciated through transmission, song and visual presence in public space? Join Peter Hitchcock (English, Baruch and The Graduate Center, CUNY) and current exhibition artists Angel Nevarez (Art, Culture, and Technology, MIT) & Valerie Tevere (Media Culture, College of Staten Island) as they discuss topics of mutual concern: narrative and non-linear structures in music, writing, and film, as well as dissent and public fora. In the exhibition Shifters, the large projected images of Guadalajara by Angel Nevarez & Valerie Tevere and the more intimate videos of Cairo by artist Hala Elkoussy provide glimpses of the stories still to be told of these cities. How are changes in the public use of new media, visual documentation, and the written word reproducing cities in new and urgent ways?

The exhibition Shifters continues until Feb 18.