About the event

Who represents the Caribbean? Join us for a cross generational talk featuring three artists from the Spanish speaking Caribbean as they examine notions of creating and inhabiting public space and share the motivations to their work and the obstacles to their production. As established artists, Miguel Luciano, Scherezade Garcia and Diogenes Ballester will discuss the future of Caribbean Latino art and their experiences and encounters with prejudice within the mainstream art world engaging questions of institutional presence, community, and representation. This arts panel applies an interdisciplinary approach to Caribbean Latinos in the arts by sharing the richness of multiple narratives and strategies for creating critical public spaces of engagement. The panel will be moderated by Ryan M. Hamilton.

Cosponsored by Dominican Studies Group, the Advanced Research Collaborative, Institute for Socio Ecological Research (ISER Caribe) and Asociación de Estudiantes Latin@s y Latinoamerican@s/ Latin@ & Latin American Students Association (AELLA).