About the conference

Landscape and seascape have been abiding interests in the history of American art, inspiring iconic national imagery and stimulating significant bodies of literature. Many studies have examined how landscape and marine painting encode American culture, politics, and philosophy, often promoting a monolithic notion of American identity. As histories of American art become more culturally and geographically expansive, taking into consideration the larger context of the Western Hemisphere and the transatlantic world, how can scholars reassess images of land and sea? Featuring papers by both established and emerging scholars, this conference explores the ways in which the reinterpretation of American landscape and marine art across media can challenge, subvert, and transform traditional conceptions of American identity.

Welcome & Opening Remarks – 10:00 am

Katherine Manthorne, Professor of Art History, The Graduate Center, City University of New York

Shannon Vittoria, Eva McGraw, and Bree Lehman, Co-organizers

Keynote Address – 10:15 am

New Methodologies of Land and Sea in American Art
Elizabeth Mankin Kornhauser, Alice Pratt Brown Curator of American Paintings and Sculpture, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Panel One – 11:00 am

Hydrographic Aesthetics: Surveying and Representing British America
Emily Clare Casey, Ph.D. Candidate in Art History, University of Delaware

Oppositional Landscapes: Pre-Raphaelitism in America
Sophie Lynford, Ph.D. Candidate in Art History, Yale University

Westward the Course of Empire Takes Its Way: How Immigration Informs Image
Whitney Thompson. Ph.D. Candidate in Art History, The Graduate Center, CUNY

Panel Two – 1:30 pm

Plumbing the Alaskan Littoral with Eadweard Muybridge
Elizabeth W. Hutchinson, Associate Professor of Art History, Barnard College/Columbia University

The Global and the Intimate: A Cotton Landscape and American Origins
Michelle Foa, Associate Professor of Art History, Tulane University

Painting on “the rough edge of despair”: Martin Johnson Heade’s Florida Marshscapes
Ross Barrett, Assistant Professor, History of Art & Architecture, Boston University

Panel Three – 3:30 pm

Homer's "Regret": Explaining The Gulf Stream
Stephanie L. Herdrich, Assistant Research Curator, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Remixing The Gulf Stream: Kerry James Marshall in the Wake of Winslow Homer
Chanda Laine Carey, Andrew W. Mellon Diversity Postdoctoral Fellow, New York University

Panel Four – 4:30 pm

Radical Seafaring: Andrea Grover and Mary Mattingly in Conversation
Andrea Grover, Executive Director, Guild Hall, and Mary Mattingly, New York-Based Visual Artist

Evening Reception – 5:30 pm

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Cosponsored by The PhD Program in Art History's Rewald Endowment, the Doctoral Students' Council