About Activism in Academia V: Friday Forums

Join Lehman Honors faculty & alumni to explore different research methods, upcoming publications, innovative collaborations, and activist applications.

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About Activism in Academia V

Activism in Academia a radical space committed to anti-racist, feminist, queer and critical race theory that emphasizes the work of BIPOC scholars and theorists and the decolonization of fields that have been predominantly white. We are particularly interested in highlighting the contributions of underrepresented populations in academia by changing the demographics and critical lenses of academia. This space bridges multiple divides: full-time/ part-time, creative/ critical work, scholarly/public audiences, teaching/scholarship. Presentations on works in progress or recent publications, roundtable discussions, and creative performances and readings are most welcome.

This year, Activism in Academia V teams up with Lehman’s Honors Programs for a new Research Colloquium series. The Honors Programs, made up of Lehman Scholars (our local honors program) and the Macaulay Honors College at Lehman, nurtures many talented students who identify uniquely as Scholar-Activists: students eager to engage in research that, at the end of their four years of study, gives back to the community or seeks new ways of solving systemic problems in education and in our world. Their scholarship features experiential learning that allows them to undertake research in new, public-facing ways with community engagement — contributing not just another research paper, lab report, or a peer-reviewed publication. It is our privilege to bring together these two scholarly communities — Lehman Honors and Activism in Academia — comprised activists, scholars, and community members who share a commitment to working outside of the college campus, beyond the classroom. Our interdisciplinary conversations tackle system problems in and around New York City and the Bronx. If you are interested in joining this group, please contact [email protected] or [email protected].


Activism in Academia V continues a tradition of online forums that was started at the beginning of the pandemic with our Activism in Academia IV: Adjuncts in Dialogue & Action, a wonderful group of community members, part-time and full-time faculty, graduated students, who presented scholarly and creative works in the humanities and social sciences, as well as shared experiences as scholars of color in higher education. Activism in Academia originally began in 2017, with our first A in A event, a day-long symposium organized by Rosie Walia and Olivia Moy at The Graduate Center, CUNY with the sponsorship of Lehman English and the Center for the Humanities, in collaboration with Kendra Sullivan, Sampson Starkweather, Alisa Becher, and Jordan Lord.

Previous Presentations:

April 1: Stephanie Rupp (Anthropology) & Bertrade Ngo-ngijol Banoum (Africana Studies) | “Experiential Learning: Interdisciplinary, International & Intersectional Coursework in Cameroon”

Fri, Mar 25: Dr. Vanessa Valdés (Black Studies, Spanish and Portuguese) | Dean of Macaulay Honors College | “From the Bronx to Diasporic Blackness: Making My Way to Arturo Schomburg”

Dr. Vanessa Valdés, Dean of Macaulay Honors College, will be presenting her research and meeting with Lehman students and faculty. Dean Valdés is a New Yorker originally from the Bronx & a first-generation college student. She will be sharing the research experiences that led her to become Director of Black Studies at City College and Dean of Macaulay Honors College. Dr. Valdés is the author of a major critical biography of Arturo Alfonso Schomburg, the legendary collector, writer, and activist. He is one of the most influential figures in the history of book collecting and a seminal figure in the curation of Afro-Latinx history and identity through archives. Learn more about the NYPL & Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture here.

Mar 18: Duran Fiack & Michael Sutherland (Macaulay alum ’20) | Political Science & Environmental Studies | "The Value of Student-Faculty Collaboration in Scholarly Research: Co-writing and Publishing a Scholarly Article”

Professor Duran Fiack and Mr. Michael Sutherland (MHC ’20) will present their recently published research concerning the integration of social equity into local-level climate adaptation planning, as well as the process and benefits of participating in student-faculty research collaborations.

Mar 11: Maurice Vann, Social Work | Faculty Spotlight Research Talk | Returning Citizens and the Freddie Gray Uprising of 2015

Join Lehman Honors Faculty Maurice Vann for a research talk on "Returning Citizens and the Freddie Gray Uprising of 2015." Our overreliance on policing and incarceration as formal controls hinders the ability of some Black and Brown communities to foster other forms of control. The overreliance on policing and incarceration weakens family and community structures, allowing informalorganizations to control some Black and Brown communities.

Feb. 11: Michael Buckley, Philosophy | Faculty Spotlight Research Talk | “Does justice need the truth?”

Feb 18: Catherine Kapphahn, English & Disabilities Studies | Faculty Book Talk | “Miseducation of a Dyslexic Girl

Feb 25: Jang Wook Huh (Ethnic American Studies, University of Washington, Seattle) and Eve Eure (English) | Afro-Asian & Afro-Indigenous Literary Connections | A Conversation Between Scholars

Mar 4: Whitney Diaz Gochez (Macaulay alum ’20) | MD-PhD Candidate, Cornell Weill Medical Research Hospital | "From B.A. to Ph.D.: An Unconventional Path"

This week, Activism in Academia welcomes Whitney Diaz Gochez, a Lehman Honors alumna and current PHD Candidate at Cornell Weill Medical Research Hospital, to talk candidly about her experiences applying to medical school, navigating the graduate experience, and dealing with questions of student debt and the astronomical costs of med school tuition. Since attending Cornell Weill, Diaz Gochez has spearheaded new efforts towards increasing equity and diversity in the medical professions, providing opportunities such as internships and lab research positions to undergrads at CUNY campuses.

Activism in Academia V is co-organized by Nicole Flores, Lise Esdaile, and Olivia Moy, and is co-sponsored by Lehman Honors, the Center for the Humanities at The Graduate Center, CUNY, and the School of Arts & Humanities.