The UA Poetry Center's column, White Gloves showcases items from the L.R. Benes Rare Book Room, which "features artist books, first editions, chapbooks, and broadsides, among many other treasures of literary significance." 

This edition of White Gloves takes an astute look into Series VI, as well as past series of Lost & Found, emphasizing the importance of these texts to modern poetic practice.


"The revivals and reprints and correspondences each year are spiky and unlikely and, ultimately, vital to the understanding of the context of poetry and politics in the 20th and 21st centuries."

To read the full article which also highlights Judy Grahn's Blood, Bread, and Roses, along with publications from Series I-V, including Jack Spicer's translation of Beowulf, and his notes on method; letters between Langston Hughes and two friends and editors during his time in Madrid during the Spanish Civil War; and Kathy Acker's early "Homage to Leroi Jones" click here.

Thanks to White Gloves for the great review!