Summer Study Opportunity for CUNY Undergraduate Students: The Glacier Bay Session

In connection with Teaching Fellow Daisy Atterbury’s work on the Center for the Humanities' Mellon Seminar on Public Engagement and Collaborative Research, we’d like to share Arete Project’s and Inian Islands Institute’s call for CUNY undergraduates to apply for a unique opportunity to live, work and study in Glacier Bay National Park in southeast Alaska as part of the 2018 Glacier Bay Session.


The 2018 Glacier Bay Session will run from late July 17th to August 13th, 2018. During this four-week summer session, students will live, study, and work at a remote field school stationed on an island archipelago near Glacier Bay National Park in southeast Alaska.

The Glacier Bay Session will immerse students in their natural surroundings. All students will participate in the “three pillars” of the Arete Project’s educational model: intensive academics in the liberal arts and sciences; physical labor performed in service of campus and community; and student self-governance over each other and over the program as a whole. 

Embedded in protected wilderness lands, the campus is intimately connected to the processes of the natural world. Glacier Bay Session students will have the chance to encounter this world through kayaking and hiking adventures, resource management, intellectual inquiry and subsistence living. The goal is for all students to hear the voice of the coastal rainforest, to know the rhythms of the daily tides, and to feel themselves a part of the ecosystems that surround and sustain them.

Read more about the opportunity on Arete Project's website

WHO and WHERE:   

The product of a partnership between the Arete Project and Inian Islands Institute, the Glacier Bay Session interweaves humanistic and scientific learning, wilderness immersion, and sustainable living.

The mission of the Arete Project is education towards its highest ends: the cultivation of wisdom, the living of a good life in thought and action, and selfless devotion to world and humanity.

Inian Islands Institute is a living-learning field station for environmental education and research, located in the heart of the Southeast Alaskan wilderness. Dedicated to training the next generation of rising environmental leaders, Inian Islands Institute provides its students unparalleled opportunities for experiential education, field research, and wilderness expeditions. 


This opportunity is specially reserved for 2 currently enrolled CUNY undergraduate students. 

All costs of attending the program will be covered, free of charge, including airfare and local transportation in Alaska.


$500 stipend
(3 course credits may be available as an alternative to the stipend)


See the application on Arete Project's website.

The application includes 3 short essay prompts and 3 short answer questions. It also requires an up-to-date transcript from your university.    

DEADLINE TO APPLY: Saturday, February 10, 2018.

MORE INFO:      

 For more information about this opportunity, visit Arete Project's website, including their page on What to Expect.