An Introduction to the Principles & Practices of Teaching Social Practice Art

Edited by Gregory Sholette, Chloe Bass, & Social Practice Queens (SPQ)

Published by Allworth Press, NY, NY:[]

ART AS SOCIAL ACTION will be a general introduction and textbook to the field of social practice art and will include valuable lesson plans offering examples of pedagogical projects for instructors at both the college and high school levels. With contributions written by leading social practice artists, teachers and thinkers, its content will be arranged thematically around such themes as labor rights, environmental justice, urban policy, the rights of women and girls, inequality, migrants' rights, Black Lives Matter, the rights of prisoners, and the global nexus of art/labor/capital among other areas of topical concern. Some of the collection's lesson plans will be written by the students, alumni and faculty members of Social Practice Queens (SPQ), a unique partnership between Queens College CUNY and the Queens Museum. In addition, a select portion of content will also be linked to the SPQ PodCast series now under development for the platform:[]