Editors: Iemanjá Brown, Stefania Heim, erica kaufman, Kristin Moriah, Conor Tomás Reed, Talia Shalev & Wendy Tronrud
Part I: 54 pages, softcover, saddle-stitch binding
Part II: 78 pages, softcover, saddle-stitch binding

In this collective effort, a team of Lost & Found editors explore Adrienne Rich’s teaching materials from her formative years during the turbulent and exhilarating student strike for Open Admissions in the late 1960s at the City University of New York. Drawing on memos, notes, course syllabi, and class exercises, this collection provides insight into Rich’s dedication, passion, and empathy as a teacher completely dedicated to her students as they take a leading role in reshaping access to public higher education. Rich’s characteristic public generosity and courage can be seen, for the first time, in an institutional setting through these materials. Accompanied by essays that contextualize both the pedagogy and the politics, this collection truly breaks new ground in presenting lesser-known aspects of a major poet’s work.

Author Biography:

ADRIENNE RICH(1929-2012) was one of the most celebrated poets of her time. She began teaching at City College in 1968, at the height of the nationwide social protest movements. While her stature as a poet and prominent feminist are well established, her absolute dedication to the teaching of Basic Writing has not been fully explored. Her firm belief in the power of writing pedagogy as a political tool was a conviction developed and honed during her years at City College, and something she remained committed to throughout her career.

Selected Archives:

Photo used with the permission of The Adrienne Rich Literary Trust; housed in The Adrienne Rich Papers, Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe Institute, Cambridge, MA.




Collected in: ResistanceTeaching Pedagogies / MethodologiesLost & Found: The CUNY Poetics Document Initiative

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