About the exhibition

Yiddishland Pavilion is the first independent transnational pavilion bringing together artists and scholars who activate Yiddish and the diasporic Jewish discourse in contemporary artistic practice. The Pavilion’s activities — performances, discussions, presentations of new artworks, physical and digital interventions — will unfold in Venice and online between April and November 2022.

The Yiddishland Pavilion takes place in a dialogue and collaboration with national pavilions of countries with histories of Yiddish-speaking Jewish migration. Being a fluid and nomadic project that is dispersed between Venice and the virtual world, the Yiddishland Pavilion represents Yiddishland ( ייִדישלאַנד or אידישלאַנד)—an imaginary country/land/space/territory and a stateless network connected through the Yiddish language and culture.

By placing the Yiddishland Pavilion into the framework of the Venice Biennale and the system of the national pavilions, the project challenges the principle of national division within the biennale. It forces the questions of national representation, selection, and inclusion in the art world into the political domain while also making connections between different art scenes through shared Jewish and Yiddish history.

Yiddishland Pavilion is curated by Yevgeniy Fiks and Maria Veits.

Yiddishland Pavilion at the James Gallery

Upcoming Events:

October 12th, 2:00pm ET in person and on zoom:

Challenging the National Division: Transnational, Alternative, and “Pavilions-in-pavilions” at the Venice Biennale

October 26th, 2:00pm ET in person and on zoom:

Jewish Museums and Contemporary Art: Preservation of Memory or Forging Futurity?

November 9th, 2:00pm ET in person and on zoom:

Herstories, Uncomfortable Narratives, and Power Asymmetry

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