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Upcoming Exhibitions
Nov 20, 2014-Jan 17, 2015
The Lenin Museum
Yevgeniy Fiks

"Yevgeniy Fiks, Untitled (Postcards), Mixed media, 2014."


The Lenin Museum reflects on the historical contradictions and complexities of intersections between Communism and anti-Communism as well as ideology and sexual identity. The project acknowledges the Lenin Museum as a site for memorialization not only of Lenin but of the fate of free expression of sexual identity in Russia in periods of criminalization between 1933 and 1993, after Lenin’s decriminalization in 1917. The show reflects on how Cold War forces of anti-Communism in the West instrumentalized homophobic sentiments as a weapon in the struggle against the Soviet Union, and how the anti-Communist discourse contributes today to the construction of political homophobia in the post-Soviet Russia. The Lenin Museum is curated by Katherine Carl, curator, the James Gallery, the Graduate Center, CUNY.

For more on The Lenin Museum, read Perry Brass’s essay on the exhibition and Yevgeniy Fiks in the Huffington Post “The Manly Pursuit of Desire: Yevgeniy Fiks and 'The Lenin Museum' at CUNY's James Gallery” here.

Other recent press includes Louis Proyect’s review here, a review in OutThere Magazine here, and an interview with Yevgeniy Fiks and Kathleen MacQueen here about the current exhibition The Lenin Museum.

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Cosponsored by the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies; Public Science Project.

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Nov 21, 6:30pm: On Conviviality, Affect and Politics,Patricia Clough and Jasbir Puar, coversation
Nov 25, 6:30pm: Presence and Public Space Tour, Gwen Shaw
Dec 3, 6:30pm: Russian Political Bodies from Lenin to Putin Panel
Yevgeniy Fiks, Jonathan Flatley, Anastasia Kayiatos
Dec 4, 4:00pm: Queer Memory Tour, Jack Crawford
Dec 8, 6:30pm: “Can a Homosexual be a Member of the Communist Party?” Tour and Performance, Yevgeniy Fiks


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The Amie and Tony James Gallery catalyzes research and knowledge production in contemporary art and joins the Center for the Humanities’ mission to create dialogue across disciplines. Located in midtown Manhattan at the nexus of the academy, contemporary art, and the city, the James Gallery brings a range of pertinent discourses into the exhibition space through a number of innovative formats. While some exhibitions will remain on view for extended contemplation, other activities, such as performances, workshops, reading groups, roundtable discussions, salons, and screenings will have a short duration. As a space for interdisciplinary artistic and discursive activities, the gallery works with scholars, students, artists and the public to explore working methods that may lie outside usual disciplinary practices.