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How is AI Changing Art and the Humanities and To What Ends?

Generative AI (GenAI) is at the forefront of emerging AI technologies that are rapidly transforming the humanities, the arts, education, and the cultural economies of many societies worldwide. It is fundamentally changing how we write, research, make art, teach and learn, and perform tasks in the workplace, and yet we know little about where this might lead us. This symposium will provide an opportunity to discuss the application of generative AI in the humanities, the arts, the University, and in technology industries. How does AI challenge what we know about the humanities and creative arts? How does it work in the lecture theatre and seminar, and how is it transforming research methods? Does it posit new modes of human-machine collaboration? What are the ethical implications of AI learning, and what does it mean to “translate” human cognition and creativity?

Art Science Connect invites submissions from faculty, staff, and students for a symposium to explore the significance and influence of recent developments in AI in and on their work.

We seek papers, presentations and other presentational formats on the topic, including (but not limited to) the following:

How to Apply:

Please email your abstract and a brief CV to Helen Koh, Director of Art Science Connect, by August 9, 2024. [email protected]. Also indicate a date of preference between October 21 and November 1.

Symposium Dates:

We will choose a date between October 21 and November 1, 2024. Topics or panels that fall outside the date chosen may be considered for a stand-alone program during the fall semester.

Honorariums will be paid to presenters. Transportation and, in some cases, accommodation can also be provided. The symposium will be in person, free and open to the GC and NYC university communities along with the general public. If you have questions, please contact Helen Koh [email protected].