Wed Jun 18, 11:15am | Donation

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Fri May 16, 7:00pm | Screening and Conversation

H.D. and Jean Epstein: Queer Modernism, Spectatorship, and The Specimen

Mal Ahern, David A. Gerstner
Tue May 13, 6:30pm | Event

Internal Contradictions and Support Systems of Artist-Organized Learning Spaces

Fri May 9, 6:30pm | Screening and Conversation

Renzo Martens: Film Screening & Conversation

Renzo Martens, Claire Bishop, Ashley Dawson
Thu May 8, 6:30pm | Event

Turnstyle Reading Series: Anne Hays & Helen Phillips

Helen Phillips, Anne Hays
Tue May 6, 6:30pm | Reading and Conversation

A Question of Africa

Alfredo Vanin, Sergio Mosquera
Fri May 2, 10:00am | Conferences

Narrating (in) Community Colleges

Anthony Alessandrini, Colette Daiute, Svetlana Jovic, Phil Kreniske, Sujatha Fernandes, Justin Rogers-Cooper, Renata Strashnaya, David Caicedo, Jesse Schwartz
Fri May 2 (All day) | Conferences

Bad Victorians: the Annual CUNY Victorian Conference

Catherine Gallagher
Wed Apr 30, 6:30pm | Event

Chinese Media Censorship

Jason Q. Ng, Ying Zhu
Wed Apr 30, 5:00pm | Gallery Tour

The Present Past

Grant Johnson
Tue Apr 29, 6:30pm | Lecture

The Datalogical Turn

Patricia Ticineto Clough, Karen Gregory, Benjamin Haber, Josh Scannell, Erin Siodmack
Mon Apr 28, 6:30pm | Discussion

(Still)Teaching for the 99%: Critical Pedagogy vs. the Corporate War on Public Education

Ira Shor
Fri Apr 25, 6:30pm | Conversation

Law, Images, and Information

Nate Harrison, Moira Meltzer-Cohen, Ruthann Robson, Sergio Muñoz Sarmiento, Diala Shamas
Fri Apr 25, 9:30am | Conferences

William S. Burroughs Centennial Conference

John M. Bennett, Ann Douglas, Oliver Harris, Barry Miles, Jed Birmingham, Charles Plymell, Geoffrey D. Smith, Anne Waldman, Regina Weinreich, Jan Herman
Wed Apr 23, 6:30pm | Lecture

Two Museums

Walter Benjamin
Tue Apr 22, 4:00pm | Gallery Tour

What Makes a Museum?

Chelsea Haines
Thu Apr 10, 7:00pm | Workshop

Workshop on Workshops

Mark Allen
Thu Apr 10, 6:30pm | Conversation

Sun Ra at 100: Lives and Afterlives

David Henderson, John Szwed, Greg Tate, Maryam Parhizkar
Wed Apr 9, 6:30pm | Reading

Turnstyle Reading Series: Pam Laskin & John Weir

Pam L. Laskin, John Weir
Wed Apr 9, 6:30pm | Lecture

From Topos to Virus: A Media Archaeology of Networked Visual Culture

Erkki Huhtamo
Mon Apr 7, 12:00pm | Conferences

Exhibit A: Authorship on Display

Ian Berry, Claire Bishop, Carol Bove, Caitlin Burkhart, Lynne Cooke, Boris Groys, Chelsea Haines, Lucy Hunter, Grant Johnson, David Joselit, Lewis Kachur, Josh Kline, Natalie Musteata, Florence Ostende, João Ribas, Pietro Rigolo, Dieter Roelstraete
Fri Apr 4, 6:00pm | Exhibition Reception

A Story of Two Museums: An Ethnographic Exhibition

Fri Apr 4, 10:00am | Symposium

Setting as Spatial Strategy

Katherine Carl, Géraldine Gourbe, Patricia Mainardi, Christian Philipp Müller, Natalie Hope O'Donnell, Florence Ostende, Richard Pell, Technical Assistant (Museum of American Art, Berlin), Margarita Tupitsyn, Amei Wallach, Arseniy Zhilyaev
Thu Apr 3, 4:00pm | Reading and Conversation

Lost & Found Series IV Launch

Thu Apr 3, 10:00am | Festival

NYC/CUNY Chapbook Festival: Book Fair & Events