From Lorine Niedecker's "Homemade Poems"

Lost & Found Series IV
Prepublication sale begins May 13, 2014

Literary Nonfiction/ Poetry History & Criticism/ Poetics/ Research 
Set of 8 Chapbooks | 600 pages

Lost & Found: The CUNY Poetics Document Initiative Series IV consists of eight beautifully printed chapbooks (600 pages in all), featuring rare and unpublished texts, including late work by Harlem Renaissance poet Helene Johnson, Adrienne Rich’s teaching materials, a newly discovered film script by Edward Dorn, the formative correspondence of Pauline Kael & Robert Duncan, and a facsimile reproduction of Vincent Ferrini’s 1946 Tidal Wave: Poems of the Great Strikes. This collection consists of:

Edward Dorn: Abilene! Abilene! (Parts I & II) (ed. Kyle Waugh)

Vincent Ferrini: Before Gloucester (eds. Ammiel Alcalay & Kate Tarlow Morgan)

Helene Johnson: After the Harlem Renaissance (ed. Emily Rosamond Claman)

Pauline Kael & Robert Duncan: Selected Letters 1945-1946 (PARTS I & II) (ed. Bradley Lubin)

Adrienne Rich: Teaching at CUNY, 1968-1974 (Parts I & II) eds. Iemanjá Brown, Stefania Heim, erica kaufman, Kristin Moriah, Conor Tomás Reed, Talia Shalev & Wendy Tronrud



Lost & Found Series III

Available December 4th, 2012
Prepublication sale begins October 1st, 2012

Literary Nonfiction/ Poetry History & Criticism/ Poetics/ Research  
Set of 8 Chapbooks | 500 pages

Lost & Found: The CUNY Poetics Document Initiative Series III consists of the following eight beautifully printed chapbooks (500 pages in all) of original research and extra-poetic work (correspondences, journals, critical prose) and the extraordinary blue-ink facsimile edition of Lorine Niedecker’s Homemade Poems. 

Langston Hughes, Nancy Cunard & Louise Thompson: Poetry, Politics & Friendship in the Spanish Civil War (Anne Donlon, editor)

Lorine Niedecker: Homemade Poems (John Harkey, editor)

John Wieners & Charles Olson: Selected Correspondence (Parts I & II) (Michael Seth Stewart, editor)

Diane di Prima: Charles Olson Memorial Lecture (Ammiel Alcalay and Ana Božičević, editors)

Edward Dorn: The Olson Memorial Lectures (Lindsey Freer, editor)

Michael Rumaker: Selected Letters (Megan Paslawski, editor)

Letters to & from Joanne Kyger (Ammiel Alcalay and Joanne Kyger, editors)



Lost & Found has established itself as one of the most exciting developments on the literary and cultural scene, creating a new model for cultural recuperation. Those who have come to our events, like the tribute to Muriel Rukeyser, the electrifying reading by Diane di Prima, Jerome Rothenberg’s 80th birthday celebration, or the reunion of old friends Joanne Kyger and Michael Rumaker, know very well what kind of energy Lost & Found has generated.

Those getting to know the scholarship of our graduate students realize that a new generation of cultural critics and literary historians is in the making. And publishers are taking notice as Lost & Found Elsewhere embarks on two new projects: Michael Rumaker’s Robert Duncan in San Francisco (with selected correspondence & interview), edited by Ammiel Alcalay and Megan Paslawski, due out from City Lights in 2012, and the stunning discovery of Muriel Rukeyser’s unknown Spanish Civil War novel, Savage Coast (Costa Brava), edited and annotated by Rowena Kennedy-Epstein, due out from Feminist Press in 2013.

For more on Lost & Found, read Joanne Kyger's piece on the series on the Poetry Foundation's Harriet blog, and an interview with Ammiel Alcalay and Ana Božičević on The Volta.

We hope you enjoy Series III!

"A serious and worthy enterprise."
The London Review of Books


"Beautiful reclamations of mind and time and place."
Anne Waldman