Fri Feb 24, 9:00am - 5:00pm | Conference | Martin E. Segal Theatre

Sentimental Geographies: Geography, Affect, and Contemporary Cultural Practice

Carrie Noland

During the Arab Spring, the journalist Hamid Dabashi wrote that “The world is giving birth to a new geography of itself.” Given the rapid social and political transformations of this century, what different poetic and artistic articulations reveal themselves in this nexus of emotion, affect, and place? How is geographical space transformed, through affective and/or aesthetic processes, into artistic site or public space? Join keynote speaker Carrie Noland (French & Italian School of Humanities, University of California, Irvine) for this day-long conference exploring the implications of situating the artist, or artwork, in terms of geographical identity.

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Breakfast and Coffee

Welcoming Remarks
Peter Consenstein, Executive Officer, The Program in French

Bodies and Display
Moderator: Ashley Williard
“When the Photograph Isn’t Enough: Conceptualizing Alterity in Contemporary Caribbean Visual Art”
Virginia Allison Harbin, Rutgers University

“Transforming Necessity into Luxury: Peasant Cuisine of Périgord in Gastronomic Texts in Interwar France”
Lauren Donaldson, The Graduate Center, The City University of New York

“Between History and Fiction: The Representation of Algerian History in 21st-Century Francophone Algerian Women’s Writing”
Jenny Kosniowski, Kings College London

La quête infinie de l’autre rive: Épopée en trois chants
Sylvie Kandé (Gallimard, 2011)
Lisa Abraham, The University of Pennsylvania

Exile and Errance
Moderator: Amy Martin
“Les gens sont des pays: Geographical Displacement and Epistolary Narrative in Amélie Nothomb’s Une forme de vie”
Rosie Harrington Courville, Louisiana State University

“Island as Prison: Jewish History in the Caribbean”

Lunch, 8th Floor

Governing Space: Politics and Affect
Moderator: Chadia Chambers Samadi
“Paternal Spaces, Problematic Fatherlands”
Suzy Cater, New York University

“Mahmoud Darwish’s Literary Iraq”
Ziad Suidan, The University of Wisconsin, Madison

“North African Masculinities”
Claire Stremple, New York University

“Trauma and Healing”
Fatima Ahmed, Toronto?

“Entre les feuillets et les planches: Le lustre de Baudelaire et Mallarmé”
Chadia Chambers Samadi, The Graduate Center, The City University of New York

Keynote Address
“To Inhabit a Wound: The Language and Place of the Repeating Island”
Dr. Carrie Noland, The University of California, Irvine

Please join us for a reception in room 4202 immediately following the program.

Co-sponsored by the PhD Program in French, Henri Peyre French Institute and Doctoral Students Council