Topics of focus include Accessibility Affect / Cognition Ambassador of Technology, Art and Healthcare Archives Art Climate Action Lab Fellow Community College Archival Research Fellow Community Partner debt Diane di Prima Fellow Diaspora / Migration Digital Culture Digital Publics Fellow Economics / Labor Environment Faculty Co-Leader Faculty coleader Faculty Leader Fellow Fellow Type Freshkills Park Reclaimed Lands Conference Planning Fellow Gender History Keynote Speaker Legacy Fieldwork Fellow Legacy Fieldwork Fellows Literarture Literature Lost & Found Archival Research Fellow Lost & Found Archival Research Fellows Medical Humanities Moving Image Music Pedagogy Performance Poetry Poetry / Literature Poets House Special Collections Research and Writing Fellow Politics Postcolonialism Presidential Research Fellow for The James Gallery Public Humanities Fellow Public Space Race / Ethnicity Religion Research Fellow Science Sexuality Social Justice / Activism Teaching Fellow Theater Fellow Theatre Theatre Documentarian Theory / Philosophy Translation Urbanism / Public Space Violence / War Y.E.S. Project Director Youth Education Summit (Y.E.S) Intern